Things To Look Forward To

It’s Monday morning now and I had the operation on Friday morning, so 3 days have passed.

The nerve blocker started to wear off on Saturday morning, and the painkillers were definitely needed at that point! I’m trying to keep it elevated as much as possible – it’s frustrating for anyone who doesn’t like sitting around doing nothing and isn’t used to doing that, but if it makes my recovery better then I will keep doing it. This particular cast needs re-enforcing at the end of the week, it’s very heavy but I’d rather everything was kept in place so it’s an inconvenience worth bearing.

In other news, had an email at work this morning to say my Cyclescheme voucher had arrived for my new bike. I ordered it a few days before the rupture, and was looking forward to riding to work over the summer as an added fitness boost. It might have to wait a few months before it makes its debut now (probably just in time for winter), but this is the one I went for on the recommendation of a friend:

I’ll have to see if they can deliver it, but it’s something to look forward to anyway. Other than that, over the next week I’m going to try to relax (there must be a significant mental aspect to the body’s recovery in my opinion) and I need to design my own wedding stationery too. My girlfriend and I are getting married next March, so that’s the main end goal – to be walking and fit for our first dance. In the more immediate future, I’m having an early stag do at a festival called Kendal Calling at the end of July – so that’s around 13 weeks away, another date to work towards. It’s important to try and give yourself goals and things to look forward to, and to try to remain as positive as possible. There will always be people worse off, so I’m trying to see it as a fresh start and looking at other sports that I will be able to play when I’m recovered. I might not play football again, but I’m looking forward to cycling more and think I’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Things To Look Forward To

  1. Justine turner fonne says:

    Hi Adam.
    I have just discovered your web site and enjoyed reading it….Thank you. I suddenly find myself in the same situation as yourself. I raptured my Achilles on a Sunday, but a week after you, the 15 th. I had my surgery yesterday so am currently at home on the road to recovery. And that is why I discovered your site, of course I have time to find out about Achilles tendon injuries…I will be following your posting. Regards justine

    • Hi Justine

      Great to hear from you and sorry to hear about your injury. You’re certainly not alone, there’s lots of support out there and lots of people have done the same. One of the things I’m noticing reading other people’s comments and stories is that everyone’s path to recovery is different, so listen to your own body and do what you think you need to do – as well as what your doctor/consultant tells you! If you have any questions at any point please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss,


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