See It As A Fresh Start

Today has been an OK day. The pain from Friday’s operation is starting to wear off, although I’m feeling quite a bit of cramp in my calf due to the cast being restrictive on movement, for obvious reasons. Hopefully this will start to wear off when I get a shorter cast in 10 days time. I’ve been trying to move my toes as much as possible to keep the blood flowing. I have sore hands from using crutches but had a good tip from a guy in the hospital who saw I was struggling – pick up some weightlifting gloves and it will save your hands, as well as help you to have better grip on the crutches. They’re only cheap and could save 3 months of pain!

It’s been a day where I’ve been in a positive frame of mind actually. I’m starting to see it as a fresh start in exercise terms and a chance to try out things that I haven’t spent much time on in the past, and to experience new sports. All of the rehabilitation articles that I’ve been reading suggest cycling is a good form of exercise during rehab as it doesn’t put much strain on the tendons, so I’m looking forward to that part of it. It’s easy to get stuck into a routine, in exercise and in life in general, and sometimes to break from that routine will help to freshen your mind and think about new and different things. There are definitely better ways to do this than rupture your achilles, but once it’s happened you might as well use it in this way! Like I said in yesterday’s post, I think the majority of the battle with this injury is in your head – the physical aspects take care of themselves for the first couple of weeks certainly, and it’s amazing how good the body is at healing itself after surgery.

I’ve been reading today about exercise during the stages in which you’re in a cast and boot, and this article on was quite useful:

At the same time, it’s important to let the body recover from surgery for at least the first 2-4 weeks, and eat the right things to encourage the natural healing process along. The obvious things like fruit, veg and plenty of water to keep hydrated. Having said that, I have just eaten quite a lot of Maoams…

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