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It’s good to see that people have been reading this blog – makes it even more worthwhile.

If anyone wants to get in touch to chat further or to ask any questions, you can comment on the posts or alternatively get in touch with me on Twitter:

Back at the hospital tomorrow for a cast change, so if there’s any news I will update again tomorrow. I’ve just had my 2-week hospital appointment through too to check the wounds and check my progress, that’s scheduled for 30th April. I’ve noticed a few visits to the site from Norway, so welcome to you guys from there! I’ve always had an affinity with your country despite never having been, as there is a good-sized Norwegian supporters club for my football team, Birmingham City. I’d be interested to hear of your own progress – is there a national healthcare system similar to the UK in Norway? I’ve also noticed some visits from the US – again, I’d be interested to hear about your own progress and how fast things are moving.

5 thoughts on “Get In Touch

  1. Justine turner fonne says:

    Hi Adam,
    I also got my two week appointment for 3rd May. I am one of “those Norwegian guys hitting your site”. I have lived here the last 10 years. Its interesting to follow the UK experience.
    The Norwegian health service has been very good. My injury happened Sunday evening and I was operated on the Monday and home in the evening. So now 2 days after op.

  2. Justine turner fonne says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention so far pain not been causing me a problem. Sounds like I have been fortunate so far. I feel it’s coming to terms with the fact I cannot be active for a while. However it gives me something to focus toward. I wish tobbe active again and thinking positive is half the battle. When are you considering returning to work? What’s your goal here? Justine.

    • Hi Justine. Thanks for the comments, good to hear you’re not in pain – mine is getting a lot better now. My main goal for the blog is to discuss my recovery & rehab, and hopefully people who have done the same will get something from it over the weeks by seeing there are others out there going through the same things, and it will be online as a resource for people who do it in the future too.

      It’s easy to drive yourself mad sitting around but like you say, it’s all in the mind. As for work, I’m hoping to go back in my cast at some point as I’ve got an office job so it should be OK, it just depends if it still needs to be elevated after the first two weeks. I think 4 weeks after the op is probably a more realistic timeframe. I had a friend who it happened to, and he had 8 weeks off work, but had a more physical job than me. What about you?

  3. Justine turner fonne says:

    I was thinking maybe in the third week sometime. However, I will wait until the appointment after second week and listen to the experts advice. I have the possible for the state to pay for a taxi to and from work. I usually use public transport, so that’s not an option.

    • I use public transport too, and I walk 10-15 minutes to the train station to get there. As you probably know the state won’t be paying for taxis for me here in the UK. It’s not just getting to work but getting around whilst there to get a drink etc too. The nurse I spoke to today said it needs to be elevated and rested fully for the full 6 weeks in the cast, so I might see about working from home towards the end otherwise I will be pulling my hair out. From what I’ve been reading, some people are only in plaster casts for 3-4 weeks and once you’re in the boot and can bear some weight it should be good to go.

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