Time The Greatest Healer!

I haven’t posted for a few days, mainly because I’ve had nothing to post about. I’ve been watching quite a bit of TV (which for anyone who knows me isn’t what I usually get up to – I don’t actually know what I do usually).

A good friend of mine, Mick, has borrowed me a lot of DVDs as my film knowledge isn’t what it should be for someone who worked in a cinema for 5 years, and he’s a geek with nigh on 500 DVDs in his ever expanding collection. I’ve watched 10 films in the last 2 and a half days, which is some going I reckon! The best one so far has been ‘Annie Hall’ (Woody Allen) which I am pretty ashamed I haven’t seen before, but then I hadn’t seen ‘Back to the Future’ until a couple of years ago – that’s the level of film knowledge we’re talking. The strangest one I’ve seen so far was also a Woody Allen film called ‘Sleeper’, and I’ve also taken in ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Wild at Heart’, ‘Hugo’ and ‘Rear Window’ amongst others.

‘Rear Window’ is a Hitchcock film about a guy with a broken leg (in a cast up to his waist and beyond!) who thinks he has seen a murder from his Manhattan apartment window. I’m far from NYC, but it made me chuckle anyway. It’s worth watching if you have a couple of hours – which if you’re reading this you must have!

Plans for the rest of the week include more films (and some football tonight), a relaxed weekend ready for my next hospital appointment on Monday to change the cast and check the wounds. On that subject, I had another letter from the hospital today from my original consultant (that I saw on the day after I did my Achilles) inviting me for my ultrasound scan on Friday May 4th. This would have been 4 weeks after, and so my operation wouldn’t have been until about 6 weeks post accident. Another example of the hospital not talking to each other, even within the same department. I think I’ll stick with the consultant who did my op… and this is how long it would have taken to get a scan had I not chased it – by then the whole thing would have been a mess.

Right, I’m thinking ‘Midnight Cowboy’…

2 thoughts on “Time The Greatest Healer!

  1. Justine turner fonne says:

    Well I’m now two weeks since op. Hositpal this Thursday for removal of plaster….really looking forward to getting some expert feedback as to how the repairing is going. With assistance of my husband able to take a small walk up and down our street, on both crutches, this is great mental booster to move outside of the home and enjoy the sun shine also. So true Adam time is a healer!!!!

    • Hi Justine

      Glad to here it’s all going well. No such thing as sunshine here in the UK at the moment – certainly the wettest drought I’ve ever seen!

      Adam 🙂

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