2 Weeks Post-Operation

I had my first post-op appointment with the hospital yesterday, to have the wounds checked and my cast removed. It took a while at the hospital as they were running around an hour late. It was a relief to get the heavy plaster cast taken off that’s for sure!

The nurse checked the wounds and said she’d never seen a scar like mine before (which at first is a bit of a worry when you hear!). My operation was done using percutaneous surgery, where several small incisions (in my case three) are made horizontally,  as opposed to one long cut vertically down the length of the Achilles. Having read up a bit on this before the op, I believe that the smaller incisions mean that the wounds will heal better and are less likely to get infected, but there is more chance of nerve damage doing this type of surgery than if it was done using open surgery. Some scientists believe that re-rupture rates are higher in those who have percutaneous operations, but newer studies tend to suggest it’s similar whichever operation you have.

It turned out that the surgeon has been doing it that way for 2 years but the nurse had never noticed – hmmm.

I thought that a semi-equinus cast would mean a shorter one than the current full-length cast (up to my knee), but it actually means that my foot should be pointed halfway between pointing at the floor (as it was after surgery) and at 90 degrees to my shin. You probably already knew that, but I didn’t! So it’s still a cast up to the knee.

The nurse pushed my foot up to between 75° and 80° to put a new lighter cast on, and that hurt as the Achilles was being stretched for the first time since surgery. I went a bit pale apparently! I’d suggest taking some painkillers before you go to the hospital if you can – I haven’t taken any for over a week. I have to go back again in another 2 weeks when it will be moved to 90°, and then 2 weeks after that it will be swapped for a plastic boot which I will have for 6 weeks.

It’s been a long 3 weeks so far I have to say, and the hard work will really start when I have to start physio in 4 weeks time.

7 thoughts on “2 Weeks Post-Operation

  1. tim says:

    Hi Adam. I’m so glad I’ve found an active blog by someone who is going through this at roughly the same time as me. I ruptured my achilles on April 24th and had surgery on May 3rd. I’ve been watching videos and reading articles day and night just to come to terms with the reality of my situation. Im not even worried about the physical road ahead…its the mental road that I feel will be my biggest challenge. I am single…I dont have a wife or anything to help out. My job requires me to be far away from my family. So its been a rough few days. I hate being a burden on my friends. The good news is that I ruptured my left leg so Im still able to drive. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and that I look forward to going on this journey with you.

    • Hi Tim

      Good to hear from you and sorry to hear about your injury. The good news is, after the op you’re now on the road to recovery. Mentally it can be hard, I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve been down, and my girlfriend is out of the house from 7am until 7pm most days so I know what you mean about it being hard. Your friends I’m sure don’t mind helping you out – that’s what they’re for! I ruptured my left leg too, but my car is manual so I won’t be able to drive for another couple of months or so yet. Work wise I’ve been doing some work from home over email and that makes the time go a bit more quickly. Hope you enjoy the blog as it goes on anyway, I haven’t updated for a week because I haven’t really done much! Back to the hospital next week to have my Achilles stretched to 90 degree angle to my shin – ouch. Take care.

  2. Justine turner fonne says:

    Hi Tim!
    How your Achilles today? Are you experiencing any pain? I’m now in fourth week post op. I have a walking boot on now, so I can apply some weight. I understand you are feeling a little vulnerable not having the help of your family on a daily basis. Try to think positive we have an injury that will heal. And we will be active again. I have been posting on this site as well. It’s been fun to follow with Adam who have experienced the same thing and follow his recovery and will be following you now. So keep us posted. Bye for now..off to make a cuppa!!! Justine :=)

    • tim says:

      Hi Justine! I had my surgery wound checked a couple days ago and everything looked good. I dont really have any pain, but it does feel sore and tender from time to time. I reach my 2 week post-op mark on May 16th. The doc said he was going basically do the same thing Adam’s doc did, which is put me in a lighter cast and adjust my foot angle. You’re in a walking boot already 4 weeks post op? That sounds really fast! I’m in good spirits for the most part. I try to focus on small benchmarks, like getting the sutures taken out next week. Anything that represents progress is good. I really hope I dont have to wear a cast for a long time. I really miss being able to scratch and take proper showers lol. I’m glad you and Adam are doing well in your recoveries. Hopefully I’m able to keep up!

  3. Justine turner fonne says:

    Hi Tim
    Yes cast was on for 17 days and then I got the walking boot. Its nice to be able to start putting some weight on this boot. I am taking a small walk most days to get out of the house. And will start back to work 2 days from next week. In Norway the state pays for a taxi, to and from your work place. I will of course be sitting in front of the PC, so getting back to pre injury life. Have a good weekend pips!

  4. E.Morgan says:

    Hi.I too have torn this most vital tendon!I hurt mine sprinting.Such folly.Anyway,I’ve had a temp backslab for two days,then I’ve had the kneelength cast.I’m finding it hard,but trying to remain positive.Thx 4 sharing ur stories.

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