8 Weeks Post-Operation

Haven’t posted for a while due to a bit of a lack of progress, but here’s my most recent thoughts!

Saw the doctor on Thursday (7th June) which he admitted was a bit of an unnecessary appointment but they wanted to just check I was doing OK. I was in the consultation room for less than a minute, and he told me to make another appointment for 4 weeks time when I should be able to begin full weight bearing.

On Friday 8th, I had my first appointment with the physio in the hospital gym. I have one of the senior physios from UHB which I’m happy about, and her husband also ruptured his Achilles a couple of months ago so she understands the injury from both sides – the medical and the personal. I was hoping for more from this appointment, but she said there’s not much I can do physio wise until I can bear more weight in 4 weeks time. She gave me a large rubber band type thing that I can put under my foot and push down to start to strengthen my ankle and get some movement back. I find the circular motion of my ankle the hardest exercise to do, but over the past 2 weeks there’s definitely been some improvement. I can now put my foot on the floor a lot more in the boot, and have taken out the first of the 3 wedges. I’m going to take another one out next week, and another the following week so by the time I return to hospital I’ll have had all of the wedges out for 2 weeks. Both the physio and the doctor said it’s going slowly because the stitches need to heal properly post-operation and until 12 weeks it’s not worth doing anything strenuous for fear of doing more damage than good. The physio said that it’s easy to stretch out the Achilles, but it can’t be tightened again once I’ve stretched it, so there’s no point in doing too much too soon. They’re still saying 20% weight bearing for next few weeks but in all reality I’m probably doing more than that as it’s difficult to judge. I think this is their way of just saying don’t stand on it.

I’ve certainly noticed an expanding waistline now too! I haven’t changed my diet much since I stopped exercising 2 months ago, and it wasn’t brilliant to start with although we do try to cook balanced meals. I’m probably eating a bit less but not much. I feel a bit more mobile with the boot and have managed to have a couple of showers in between all of the baths I’ve been having, standing on one leg. Stairs are still pretty difficult to negotiate when out and about. I’m doing some work from home which helps to make the time pass. Today I might go for a short walk around the block, on my crtuches and in the boot, just to get out and get used to moving again. Living in a second floor flat makes going out a bit more of a chore than it should be, but I need to make sure I don’t just sit around for the next month and get used to walking again.

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