10 Weeks – Euro Mania

I’m 10 weeks post operation now, and not much has changed since the last update I posted. I’m still not too mobile, although have just been for a bit of a walk around the block where I live just to get used to the sensation of being upright and walking a little. Still in the aircast boot, now with two of three wedges removed, and obviously still on crutches too. I haven’t felt much pain at all from removing either of the wedges, it’s been a pretty easy transition each time, but I haven’t put anywhere near full weight on the foot – it’s still supposed to be at around 20% until I return to the hospital in two weeks time. I don’t know if they will take away the boot and the crutches at that point – I feel like I’ve sort of forgotten how to walk now after 3 months without putting my foot on the floor properly.

I’ve been watching quite a bit of football during the Euro’s, and so far it’s been a pretty good tournament. The one good thing to come out of my injury is I’m always home from work by bang on 5pm when the games kick off! England have been OK, I’m a big Roy Hodgson fan so hope we do well. I think reaching the quarter finals is a good start to his international managerial career anyway, and we’ve got some good young players coming through (Welbeck, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Cleverley, Jones, Smalling) so the future looks bright to me. It has all been said before of course.

Away from football, my student nurse girlfriend has now finished for the summer so has been looking after me well for the last week or so (as well as for the last 11 weeks). We’ve got some wedding planning to do which we might get around to doing at the weekend, but I say that most weekends and it never happens. Smells like the fajitas she’s cooking are nearly ready, so I better go…

3 thoughts on “10 Weeks – Euro Mania

  1. tim says:

    you should be A LOT more mobile at 10 weeks, especially since you got the boot at 6 weeks. Have you started PT? you should definitely listen to your doctor, but you need to make sure you’re listening to your body as well because you’re the only person who has to live inside it. If you are transitioning out of wedges with no discomfort then your body is telling you it can take a hell of a lot more than you’re giving it right now. Protocols are for the most part arbitrary bullshit.

  2. Hi Tim

    I saw the physio at 8 weeks, 2 weeks ago, and she said there’s not that much that I can do until 12 weeks to start strengthening my calf as the Achilles itself is still repairing post-op. I can take the boot off at home and move my foot and ankle around to try and get some of my ankle range back, and she’s given me something similar to a large elastic band to point my foot downwards and try to stretch my ankle out that way. She said that we should stick to the 15-20% weight bearing that the doctor said, but in reality I’ll be putting more weight on than that, which she said is fine. The boot will protect me as much as I need it to as long as I’m still using crutches all of the time. I take the boot off when I’m in bed, and for a shower, and to do some exercises, and just make sure I’ve got it on whenever I walk around anywhere. I’m probably being cautious, but the physio said it’s easy enough to stretch out the Achilles if it becomes too stiff, but it can’t be tightened again if you overdo it early on, so I’ll grin and bear it for another couple of weeks and hopefully benefit.


  3. Justine says:

    Hi there!
    We really a have different experiences. I am now 11 weeks post op and back at work full time, walking to train station ( 20 minute walk) without crutches. I have started physio, having 2 sessions a week and in additional swimming twice at week. I highly recommend do this when you feel ready. It is great way to loose the joints. The physio also had me using the cycle last week. Managing all the things is a real mental boost! That confirm things are getting back to normal….However, no jogging or tennis yet for me.
    I agree with you Tim listen to your body, which I am doing, but also be positive and eager to get back to be fully active.
    Goodluck guys! And wish you a good recovery:-))))))

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