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21 Weeks Post-Op – Getting There

Many apologies for not posting for ages – being back at work and able to walk again has meant I’ve been pretty busy!

I’m now 21 weeks post-op, and the physio seems to be going pretty well. I’m seeing her every one or two weeks dependent on dates available, and the key exercises I’ve been doing whilst there include:

Calf and heel raises, including on one leg, wearing weights jacket and reaching as high as possible on the wall
Same as above on the edge of a step to stretch out achilles
Walking on tiptoes
Light jogging on trampoline
Exercise bike and cross trainer

Outside of the hospital gym, I’ve been walking a lot and seem to pretty much walk without a limp most of the time, and have finally got round to using my new bike a few times too. I’ve also been swimming a few times which is good all-round cardio exercise. I’ve done the same exercises as above at home nearly every day, with one or two exceptions when I’ve been having a particularly painful day. After the first couple of gym sessions, I couldn’t do much the next day as it hurt so much. I thought it’s probably good to feel a bit of pain as it means things are starting to work again.

The physio said that things are going well and that I’m slightly ahead of schedule. It’s just a long process of building my calf muscle back up to full strength and gradually stretching out the achilles too.

I’ve been back at work since 9th July, and they’ve been good in allowing me time off to see the physio, and with patience when it takes me ages to get to meetings! I can walk to the hospital from where I work so that’s a plus point. The first couple of weeks were hard work after 13 weeks off, and whilst still wearing the aircast boot I was a little slow getting around. It was good to be back and now I have adapted back to the routine things are going well again.

Since I last posted, I’ve also been on my stag do! I’m not getting married until March next year, but I wanted to go to Kendal Calling which is held in July, so we had to go a little early. I had a great time (20 of us went all together), although it was probably a little too soon after my injury in some ways. I had to sit down and watch bands a lot of the time, and getting around muddy fields in an aircast boot is pretty difficult. The toilets were pretty disgusting too, as is standard for UK festivals, and camping was occasionally grim! Everyone was really good to me and looked after me, and overall I had a really good laugh – anything beats sitting around at home. We saw James, Maximo Park, DJ Yoda, Tribes, Shed Seven, Feeder, We Are Scientists, Dodgy, and Inspiral Carpets amongst others, so there was a bit of a 90’s vibe going on.

Yesterday I came back from another festival, Bestival, which was brilliant. This one was much bigger than Kendal, and I went with the girlfriend this time. We booked a B&B (she doesn’t do camping) and stopped for a couple of extra nights before the festival to turn it into a bit of a holiday after missing out earlier in the year on our trip to Devon. The weather was ace and we managed to get on the beach most mornings before heading over to the festival. We saw loads of bands including De La Soul, Sister Sledge, Roots Manuva, Alabama Shakes, Greg Wilson, Michael Kiwanuka, Sigur Ros, The XX, Earth Wind & Fire, Ben Howard, Two Door Cinema Club, New Order and the one and only Little Stevie Wonder! He has the best voice I’ve ever heard, even at the age of 62, and his set was peerless. This one included lots of walking, so hopefully the physio will say I’ve reaped the benefits of this when I next go on Thursday and won’t worry too much about the beers I’ve had…