Monthly Archives: May 2013

Over A Year On…

Well it’s been a long while since I last posted on this blog, but thought I would give a quick update for those that still visit. It’s over a year now since I first snapped my Achilles, and all I can say to people who are reading and are at the early stages of their injury – it does get better!

I’m still visiting my physiotherapist approximately once a month as I’m still building up my calf muscle to full strength. She’s been great throughout, and whilst there have been a couple of setbacks along the way, overall I’m happy with the rate of my recovery. I knew it would be around 18 months if not longer before I played football again, and I still think it will be. I can run again now, and am using an app called ‘Run 10k’ (there are lots around) to build my stamina back up and to improve my calf strength, as well as training towards a 10k over 13 weeks – a distance I would never have ran before my injury.

At the moment on a weights machine I can push my body weight through my injured leg, but need to be able to do about twice my body weight before the physio will sign me off. Running is really helping me feel normal again though, and varying the speeds is helping me to get some of the spring back in my leg too. Other physio activities I still do include hopping, skipping (embarrassing), cycling and walking. It may seem like it’s been a long time, but since coming out of the boot 10 months ago I’ve been determined to do it the right way, and the right way for me was to take it slowly. The achilles itself doesn’t hurt at all, apart from being tighter and thicker than the other one, but that’s always going to be the case and it’s not really noticeable to the naked eye. Scars are starting to fade too and they again can’t really be noticed.

I feel like this time next year I’ll be able to play football again, and for those of you that have read my earlier comments, I was a bit more sceptical about ever playing again.

Since I last posted I have also got married – she said yes – and on Monday I start a new job covering my boss’ maternity leave, which I’m looking forward to. So 2013 is definitely looking better than 2012, and I’m looking forward to a delayed honeymoon in September too!